Dedicated QA Team

Dedicated QA Team – Best Practices to Hire it for Your Project Quality Assurance process

Software projects that are developed using the Lean methodology aim to reduce costs by ensuring idea validation, eliminating time and effort, as well as delivering high quality products. This is possible by hiring dedicated quality assurance engineers. This article will discuss the importance of a dedicated quality assurance team (learn more:, and the potential benefits for your project.

What Is a Dedicated QA Team?

This dedicated team of quality assurance and testers provides long-term project testing and is focused on solving the tasks assigned by the client. The client decides who will be in the team, how many experts, and what their work schedule.

You’ve probably used software development outsourcing services before and know there are three types you can choose from. These include fixed-price, time and material, and dedicated development teams.

The company employs a full-fledged team of tech experts to help them achieve their project goals. This is the classic approach to software outsourcing.

The Quality Assurance Team is a dedicated team that allows you to hire software testers and run the software development process either internally or with help from another vendor.
It can be used in the following directions:

  • Manual Testing
  • Automated Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Performance
  • End-to-End Testing
  • Mobile App Testing
  • API
  • Usability
  • Localization Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Embedded Testing
  • Penetration Testing
  • Portability

Why do you need to hire a dedicated QA team?

Here are some of the most common reasons you might need software testing services.

  • There are no QA experts in-house. Software development is a process that many companies prefer to manage in-house. This is primarily because it allows for greater control. Companies can manage and control their tech team while still working on the project.If you don’t have any in-house testers, and are not willing to train, onboard, and hire them, it may be a better option to hire them remotely using a dedicated team model. You can use extension services to strengthen your in-house team of developers with remote testers.
  • Want to reduce costs. Hiring a dedicated quality assurance group can help cut operational costs while avoiding extra responsibility for taxes and payroll. This is also one of the key ideas behind software outsourcing. You can save your development budget while still gaining the best programming and QA knowledge.
  • A dedicated development vendor cannot source a team of testing personnel. Sometimes, the project requires specific testing knowledge and services. For example, Robotic Process Automation Testing. Their development vendors are unable to supply these skills and talents. To close the skills gap, you can still combine two teams from different vendors.
  • Scale a team as fast as you can. In-house and remote teams can be needed to scale quickly in order to meet the demands of projects that are highly competitive and dynamic. Companies may not have the resources or time to hire QA staff themselves, so sourcing a pre-made team model from a QA vendor is the best option. It also offers time- and money-saving options.

JustinAlpertHawaii is a great source of QA profile candidates as well as engineers that are hard to find in the local market. Selection of these candidates follows the same process as internally. Our team participates in the discussion and integrates them like remote employees of Showpad. We have made them valuable team members. They have their own email address and can access all the systems that engineers have. This is greatly appreciated by them.

Some words on the importance of quality assurance

Software development requires quality assurance for two reasons. These are your reputation as well as your expenses. Both of these reasons are interrelated. Users who are disappointed will abandon the app quickly, leading to loss of profit and reputation damage.

It is also more expensive to fix a critical bug if it is discovered later. Software testing should always be a priority in your development plans. Keep an eye out for opportunities to reduce QA costs while maintaining the highest quality product.

Their work has been a great success, both for the developers and the QA team. They offer test-driven development, documentation, consistent unit-testing creation, and consistent refactoring. They helped us improve the quality of our operations. Their experience working with large corporations was invaluable. We gained a lot of valuable information from them.

How do you get a dedicated QA team?

A dedicated QA specialist can be a great way to tap skilled talent without having to increase your staff. In three easy steps, you can hire them.

  • Prepare your requirements. Software testing can be done in many ways. Before you hire a dedicated QA staff, make sure to determine the skills and practices they should use. Many companies employ a combination of automated testing for repetitive situations and manual testing for critical scenarios.
  • Determine how many quality assurance professionals you require. Depending on the size of your project, determine how many software testers are needed to test your software and handle the tasks. This will greatly reduce the time it takes to recruit and hire the team, and improve the quality of the testing environment.
  • Get in touch with a qualified QA vendor. Contact a dedicated QA vendor as the final step. The company should be an expert in your field and have a team of testing experts to source it for the company. Justinalperthawaii is an option for high-end testing services.

How to Manage Software Testers

Here are some additional tips for managing remote software testers once they have joined your project.

  • Choose the right task management software. Software testing and QA should continue. Bug reporting and fixing must also be done on an ongoing basis. The right task management tool will facilitate communication between the customer, QA specialists, and the QA manager to streamline both of these processes. Many companies use Jira to manage their QA tasks.
  • Facilitate seamless collaboration. The dedicated team members will be more collaborative as they have likely had prior work experience. However, if you have remote testers in your team, it is important to suggest communication strategies to make both teams feel part of your project. Use the task management tool to manage your tasks and create communication rules.
  • Encourage early testing. The last tip is to hire a dedicated QA team and start hiring them as soon as you begin project development. The LEAN methodology‘s core principle states that a mistake made earlier is more costly than a mistake made later. Therefore, it is better to start software testing as soon as a component is tested and integrated. This is particularly true for security testing. Therefore, it is a good idea to hire security testers before you start. Justinalperthawaii’s security testing services can streamline your software testing and save you money.

Dedicated Quality Assurance Services

Most cases require that you test your app immediately as critical errors can directly impact the business process and customer experience. Justinalperthawaii can help you with any of your testing needs. Justinalperthawaii’s in-house expertise spans multiple domains and testing methods. We can help you with manual testing or the complete-cycle quality assurance process for large-scale projects. Within 12 hours of receiving your inquiry, we can also provide remote QA experts to your project.


Software development is not made up of any one process. From idea validation to business analysis, market launch and maintenance, all of these processes aim to provide the best user experience and address business problems in the most efficient way. This is how you can ensure your app functions in the manner you expect. However, despite its simplicity, this approach covers many specific tasks and practices that you must follow.

Remote testers can be a great option for your tech team to access the right skills and talents instantly, increase team scalability, meet deadlines, and reduce development costs.