Justin Alpert of Hawaii: Royal Crown Peach Proves Wildly Popular

Justin Alpert Hawaii

March 24, 2021

Royal Crown Peach Proves Wildly Popular

Many popular whiskey brands occasionally produce flavored versions of long-time specials to boost consumer interest and get others to try a product that they might not have enjoyed before. Justin Alpert of Hawaii says Crown Royal recently knocked it out of the proverbial “park” with the introduction of a peach-flavored version of its classic Crown Royal whiskey. Since the peach-flavored whiskey’s introduction last year, store shelves often empty out quickly as consumers give it a try and find they absolutely love it.

Royal Peach’s Popularity is Downright ‘Criminal’

Justin Alpert of Hawaii is a big fan of anecdotal evidence illustrating the wild demand for a particular good or service. No better example shows the extreme popularity of Crown Royal Peach Whisky than the case of a Pennsylvania liquor store clerk accused of overcharging customers for the in-demand drink.

News reports indicate a 29-year-old worker at a liquor store located near Scranton bought $1,058.55 of Crown Royal Peach Whisky at about $27 per bottle. The clerk allegedly sold the wildly popular whiskey to customers for $40 per bottle and pocketed the profits. The clerk now faces a felony charge for pocketing the profits and a misdemeanor for the unlicensed selling of alcohol.

Justin Alpert: Extreme Demand = Investment Opportunity

While the alleged Pennsylvania matter remains unsettled, it does help to  affirm the extremely high demand for Crown Royal Peach Whisky. When customers willingly pay nearly double the retail price, you know a strong investment opportunity likely exists. When the producers of such wildly popular goods or services also sell shares publicly, Justin Alpert of Hawaii says that is an ideal investment opportunity.

Crown Royal is a thoroughly established business with very strong brand recognition among consumers. Its flagship product, Crown Royal Whisky, is a staple ingredient for many mixed drinks. The recent introduction of the peach-flavored version struck a strong chord among the buying public. That means a lot more people trying a new product and liking it enough to stay loyal to the brand.

Strong ‘Affect’ Drives Consumer Sales

Justin Alpert of Hawaii says savvy marketers rely on “affect” to generate positive connotations for a specific product as well as the brand that produces it. Affect refers to the feelings and conclusions that an individual consumer derives from a good or service and its marketing appeals.

The affect from the Crown Peach offering is one that makes even casual imbibers of cocktails and other alcoholic beverages rethink their image of the brand. They become more willing to embrace that brand, which adds up to stronger sales over the  long run.  That kind of effective marketing ensures the already-established Crown Royal brand likely will endure for many more years. That is an example of a strong investment opportunity.