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The internet is our primary source of information in modern times. It allows us to find new knowledge and skills, as well as search for it. Searches can reveal an incredible amount of information about virtually any subject you could imagine. Information can be accessed online in many ways, including articles, videos, podcasts and other formats. The internet will continue to be our main source of information in the future, it is certain. However, it is important to remember the most trusted source of information, books, even though the internet will continue to be our primary source of information.

Books were revolutionized in the way information was collected, curated, and transmitted, just like the internet. Books still play an important role in information dissemination. Many books are available to inspire software testers to do better in their jobs. You can reap the benefits of learning from experienced testers and help you to reach higher heights.

We have listed below our top 15 software testing books that we consider essential reading for anyone who wants to improve their skills or enrich their knowledge. This list contains a variety of testing books from various years and topics. Let’s get on with the list.

We have compiled a list of top software testing books that you should read. These podcasts provide valuable information and real-life insights by professionals in the testing field. You should add them to your list.

1. Software Testing Lessons: A Context-Driven Approach
Authors: Cem Kaner and James Marcus Bach. Bret Pettichord
Publication Year: 2001
Warren Buffett once stated, “It is good to learn from my mistakes.” It is better to learn from others’ mistakes. This book shares the valuable knowledge of three top software testing experts. Cem, James and Bret have decades of industry experience. The book contains more than 200 lessons, so you can get valuable tips and tricks on what to do and what to avoid.

2. Software Testing: 2nd Edition 2nd Edition
Ron Patton is the author
Publication Year: 2005
Ron Patton’s classic book Software Testing covers many aspects of software testing. Although the first edition was published in 2000 by Ron Patton, the second edition was published five years later and included a new chapter that focuses on security testing. The author provided some insight into software testing methods that can be used to help you understand the subject better.

3. Testers and Agile Teams
Authors: Lisa Crispin, Janet Gregory
Publication Year: 2008
The software industry and software testing have been transformed by Agile methodologies. Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin are the two most well-known authorities when it comes to Agile testing. These industry leaders cover a wide range of topics related to agile testing, including the transition to Agile development and the role of the tester in an Agile environment. Janet and Lisa recommend “More Agile Test” as a second book for anyone interested in Agile testing.

4. Google Tests Software
Authors: James Whittaker, Jason Arbon, Jeff Carollo
Publication year 2012
Ever wondered how some of the world’s largest companies manage their testing processes? This book will answer all your questions. This book was written by James Whittaker (a testing professional and author of How to Break Software), Jason Arbon and Jeff Carollo. They share their experiences at Google and offer inspiring insights.

5. Take a look at it! Explore It!
Author: Elisabeth Hendrickson
Publication year: 2013.
Exploratory testing is an integral part of any software-testing process. It has many valuable benefits that can help you improve your software’s quality. “Explore it!” will teach you how to think like an Explorer, what to pay attention to and finally put it into practice. No matter what version of software you use, you can apply the techniques in Elisabeth’s book to your own software.

6. Hacking: An In-depth Introduction
Author: Jonathan Rasmusson
Publication Year: 2016
This book is a technical book that contains a few hundred pages of detailed descriptions and explanations. This book will teach you the essential elements of automation testing, along with humor, graphics and cartoons. This book will help you start writing automated tests, no matter if you’re a novice tester or an expert developer with little experience in automation testing.

7. Continuous testing for DevOps professionals
Author: Eran Kinsbruner
Publication Year: 2018
Eran Kinsbruner, Author, Keynote Speaker and DevOps Chief Advocate at Perforce Software is the author of “Continuous Testing” the second book. Kinsbruner, along with other DevOps specialists, creates the definitive guide to Continuous Testing for developers and testers. This book is divided into four sections: Continuous testing fundamentals, Continuous testing for web apps, Continuous testing for mobile apps, and Advancing continuous testing.

8. The Complete Guide to Testing Automation: Techniques and Practices for Building and Maintaining Effective Software Projects
Author: Arnon Axelrod
Publication Year: 2018
The 2022 “State of Testing Report showed that 46% of participants believed automation testing had replaced more than 50% of their manual testing efforts. Automation testing will continue to increase as more companies adopt Agile methods. This book will bring you real value and real benefits in your software testing career. This book covers topics such as designing and implementing automated testing, and deciding between different types of automation tests.

9. Foundations of Software Testing Certification by ISTQB: 4th Edition
Authors: Dorothy Graham, Rex Black, Erik van Veenendaal
Publication Year: 2019
This book is a great resource for those who want to pass the /ISTQB exam. The book’s 4th edition has been updated to reflect the 2018 ISTQB syllabus. Before you take the test, make sure to read this book thoroughly and follow the guidelines.

9. Tests: Principles and Practices
Author: Vladimir Khorikov
Publication Year: 2020
Unit testing is an essential part of software testing. It tests each unit of source code one by one to ensure quality. Vladimir, a skilled software developer, provides an overview of unit testing and tips and best practices to help you improve your unit testing. The book also includes a chapter on integration testing.

10. Buddha in Testing: Finding Peace in Chaos
Author: Pradeep Soundararajan
Publication Year: 2020
The book’s first sentence states that a tester’s mind “is never at rest.” A QA tester is a complicated role that requires constant communication with many people and departments. This book is written by an experienced software tester who has over 16 years’ experience and can help you to overcome the challenges that testers face on a daily basis.

11. A Step-by-Step Guide to Software Testing with Real-Life Project
Author: Chhavi Raj Gosaj
Publication Year: 2020
Software testers are professionals who have learned how to test software by themselves. Software testing is a complex field and there are many resources that can help you get started. This book is a great example. The first half of this book will give you a background on software testing. The second half will help you to test real projects. This book is the best place to start if you’re looking for a first job as QA tester.

12. Software Testing Guide: Improved software with greater testing
Authors: Rob Meaney, Ash Winter
Publication Year: 2021
Quality products should be able to meet customer needs. It is essential that software can be tested in order to achieve this. Software testing experts Ash Winter and Rob Meaney created this book to highlight the importance of team testability. This book will give you practical tips and help you see the potential benefits that testability can bring to your team.

13. Mobile App Testing: 2nd Edition: This guide is for mobile testers as well as anyone who is involved in the mobile application business
Author: Daniel Knott
Publication Year: 2022
Daniel Knott is a software testing expert who published the 2nd edition in 2015 of his book “Mobile App Testing”. It was first published in 2014. This book is focused on mobile testing and includes updated chapters that cover new techniques, tools and trends in mobile testing. Mobile app testing is a different process and presents different challenges. Knott’s book will help you succeed as a mobile tester.


Software testing books can be a great resource of inspiration and knowledge for both new and experienced testers. You can find many great software testing books that will help you grow your career and learn new skills. This article contains 15 outstanding software testing books by industry professionals that cover a variety of topics related to software testing.

You are welcome to suggest software testing books that should be on this list.

Did we forget anyone? Feel free to add additional testing books. Be sure to include your favourite one.

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